Dennis Schlachter

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We have worked very closely with builders over the years, so we know what works for you—a complete set of drawings that keeps you building and us in the office designing new homes.

We start with designing attractive homes, based on 2’-0” modules and using joist spans that maximize the use of materials and prevent waste.

This can only be accomplished when we design the home from concept to finish, including the design of framing plans and details. Our flexible, hands-on approach allows changes and cost savings to be made on the fly while developing the framing plan, including heating runs and plumbing placement.

Please take a look at how we work—we think you'll find that we make your job easier, more efficient and more cost effective.

Our entire process is optimized by the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD). The program we use, ArchiCad, has a 3-D features that allows us to show you and your client how the home will look before it is built. Our system guarantees a high level of construction document accuracy. We detail every truss profile and framing condition in order to eliminate problems in the field and save you time.

Please feel free to call us for a list of builder references. They can share with you why DSDA is one of the best design partners in the industry.

Site Evaluation

Site evaluation with a client is the most important element of any custom home project. We are experts in mountain siting and topography. We will help you evaluate a site to get it right from the start. Also we preview your infill lots to prevent zoning and building problems before you buy.








DSDA works with some of the best engineering firms taking great care to design a cost effective structure. By working closely with an engineer, we are able to assure you an accurate structural plan. We can also arrange Mech or Res check, Built Green rating by energyLogic, and Surveying services.

We include all follow up site visits and calls from the builder and subcontractors in our flat fee. Plans are drawn to a level of detail that saves time by allowing us to answer most questions expeditiously by phone.

Green Design


Living Room

We have been designing green for over  20 years as common practice. Using high insulation friendly truss heal heights and high insulation values, as a common sense requirement in cold areas like Steamboat Springs.

For the Schwartz residence west of Steamboat Springs we have included the latest in solar technology and green building techniques.

This home is one of the most energy efficient  homes in Routt County.

It proves that even in the high country with large snow amounts there are ways to be energy efficient by using standing rib roof for snow shedding and thin film PV between the ribs for year round solar energy, along with the thermal panels for heating the house and water.

The true southern orientation and heat mass floors takes advantage of the passive solar energy.

Combining all of these features with a livable form and function, with exceptional views you have a mountain home at it’s best.


Lightly Treading and Energy Logic provide consulting on designs that are Energy Star Compliant, with Resnet rating to generate a Hers score during the design phase.


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